Techniques for inserting silicone breast augmentation

Which technique is implanting silicone breast implants suitable for whom?

– above the muscles

Suitable for girls who have a lot of meat and fat around the breast. The silicone breast augmentation is located on all of our muscle pads. It is suitable for people with enough breast meat. to adhere to silicone and prevent breast implants from colliding with the skin of the breasts

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– under the muscle

very suitable for sagging milk Because the under-muscle augmentation is better than the top-muscle supplement. Therefore, it will help to make the breasts more shape and make the breasts firmer and look natural. This makes the chances of fibrosis greatly reduced. But when wearing under the muscles in the early stages, there will be problems with the silicone breasts floating up high. and can move back and forth When we contract the pectoral muscles The advantage of under-muscle augmentation is that when you move your arm, it helps the muscles in the chest to help massage the silicone in another way.

– semi-under the muscle

Or the Dual Plane technique, the doctor will augment it by dropping the upper half under the lower half of the muscles to make it look like it’s with the breast meat. Without muscle covering Some of the silicone is placed above the muscle. and some will be under the muscle, bringing the advantages of each type of breast augmentation technique together in one way Therefore, the result is that even moving the upper part of the body will look natural, not too round, so the shape of the breasts will come out more natural than before and help reduce fascia as well.

Which is the best silicone breast implant?

However, breast augmentation also has a variety of methods to choose from according to each person’s body. Let’s get to know each type of silicone better. Now, there is also a special type of silicone going one step further. That is, silicone, nano-skin or velvet.

Semi-water drop silicone

It brings together the advantages of the original two types. Make breast augmentation safe and natural. resulting in more satisfactory results. The highlight of the silicone semi-drop is a new type of special gel, which the gel texture is a 100% recovery gel and this silicone gel will last for more than 10 years or for a lifetime.

round silicone

be natural And flexible because the inner Cohesive Gel is more liquid than the drop shape. Suitable for patients who want to have round breasts. and fill the upper part of the breast

water drop silicone

This silicone is designed to maintain its shape in the form of water droplets where the lower part is bloated and the upper part is flat to imitate Natural breast appearance in sitting and standing positions The silicone gel inside is quite hard and stable.

Silicone brand, shape and texture


It is a silicone from France. It is a round silicone with a sandy surface.

The advantages of this silicone Is quite firm, firm texture, will make the breasts look plump


It is the silicone of America. There are both smooth surfaces and sandy surfaces. And there are both spherical and water drop shaped silicone.

Advantages It is the most popular and longest used silicone for more than 30 years, which is the oldest and most trusted brand in America.

Mentor Xtra

which the gel inside is a semi-water drop and has the same texture, smooth surface, sandy surface

Pros: It adjusts to the movement and creates a more natural and beautiful shape.


It will be a new silicone brand from America. Age that is commonly used for more than 10 years, but for Thailand and Korea Depends on imports only approx. 4-5 years ago, a distinctive feature that was not like other brands was is a nano-velvet skin Is a semi-drop shape, which this brand will have 2 models, namely the Silk version (without a chip) and the Ergonomix (with a chip), or simply known as Model without chip and with chip

Chipless version, it has very little water drop and will focus more on the spherical way.

Chip version

It will be a semi-water drop like a model. and is a nano-velvet skin

The nano-surface, as mentioned above, does not cause fibrosis, does not cause lymphoma. It is a semi-tear drop shape that will make it look very beautiful and natural.

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