Top models in the Northbank boats

To create their robust small diggers, Northbank Boats combines traditional building techniques with the most cutting-edge premium raw materials and components. The designs are highly appealing for present-day sports fishing. It is because they blend time-tested deep-V expertise with simple, almost unadorned mouldings. The Naval Architects-created Northbank hull is based on the wisdom that comes from experience on the ocean. Every Northbank model is made to a survey quality and comes filled with standard closed-cell foam. Among those models, here’s the list of the best among them:

Northbank 650HT-F Hard Top 

The 650 Hard Top from Northbank is both practical and elegant. The 650HT-F features everything you could want in terms of personal comfort. It includes a toughened glass windscreen, sliding cabin windows, unique upholstery, and plenty of storage, to name a few. The 650HT-F can provide true offshore capabilities since a fully enclosed wheelhouse is the only real way to keep out the elements. The northbank boats were built to withstand the harshest environmental conditions by being sturdy, resilient, and equipped with mirror finish gel coats. Prepare the tackle and board the ship for the trip of a lifetime. There is just one item that will outlive the memories of this journey, and that is Northbank 650HT-F Hard Top.

500 Cuddy Northbank

Despite being the youngest northbank boats in the fleet, the 500C has a big boat attitude. The 500C is one of the most stable boats of its size, both at rest and while on water. With its walk-through bow, the cabin is easy to anchor and provides excellent dry storage and protection on windy days. Your new Northbank 500 Cuddy Cabin will be the talk of your family and friends after you buy it. It’s a simple one-person launch, fantastic deck space with plenty of storage, distinctive appearance, and proven versatility in all types of waters.

Northbank 750HT

The 750HT, the top model in the Northbank line, elevates boating to a new level. A newly created cabin features a bigger sleeping area and a layout for the switchgear, and wide-screen electronics that are fantastic. With a metre of freeboard, a sizable working deck area trim tabs, and a 350-litre underfloor tank floor as standard, the 750HT has unmatched credentials. Whether you are heading out to sea for a weekend getaway with the family or 100 kilometres to chase fish, the 750HT will get you back safe and dry.

Northbank 650WA 

The 650WA is a sports fisherman’s dream because of its distinctive appearance and walkaround flexibility. All sides are covered by the Northbank 650WA. With bunks that are 6 feet long, it provides everything you could possibly need for an offshore day. The sports angler can battle that trophy fish from everywhere on the boat with the spacious cockpit and big walkaround decks. The Northbank 650WA covers all sports fishing angles with its excellent bow access and predictable, sure-footed 650 hulls.

Final words

Recreational and commercial fishers favour Northbank because of its excellent freeboard, spacious deck, strength, and, most importantly, safety. It’s never late. Choose a north bank boat that suits your preference from the different models available.

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