5 Ways to Stay Entertained & Occupied on a Long-Haul Flight

No one can relish the idea of spending 20 hours being strapped to an uncomfortable seat, with minimal leg room to stretch out one’s limbs. No matter how excited you may be to arrive at your destination, the thought of a 10-20-hour flight is bound to dim your excitement.

But you know what they say, positivity is a state of mind that changes how we look at different situations, even the ones with unfavorable outcomes. If you detest the thought of sitting idle for 10+ hours, think of it as free time to enjoy everything you can’t fit into your daily routine.

Read on to explore fun ways to stay entertained and occupied on a long-haul flight.

1.    Pack your Favorite Reads

When was the last time you spent hours curled up with an engrossing read, devouring crisps and snacks while reading from cover to cover? Many people struggle to make time for reading because modern-day life keeps us busy attending to innumerable chores and responsibilities. Use this free time to read a book or two on your bucket list.

If you don’t like the idea of carrying bulky hardcover books, consider investing in a Kindle. You can download multiple titles and non-fiction books to enjoy throughout your trip.

2.    Netflix & Chill without the Guilt

We all feel guilty about watching too much Netflix on weekdays and even during the weekends, mainly because it does not seem like the most constructive use of our time. But a long-haul flight is an excellent time for a guilt-free binge-watching session on Netflix.

If the airline provides in-flight WiFi services, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows. Otherwise, you can always download some titles and enjoy them on your laptop. Be sure to pack a pair of noise-canceling headphones for an immersive experience.

3.    Tune into your Favorite Games

Gaming is another activity that inspires guilt when added to our daily routine. But when you’re strapped to a chair for the next 10+ hours, you can enjoy your favorite games to your heart’s content. You can bring a handheld gaming console or play roulette on an online platform on your smartphone.

If you’re traveling with family and friends, consider packing some board games you can enjoy with your group. You can also download fun games on your smartphone to enjoy with everyone.

4.    Finish up Pending Projects

Most travelers struggle to wind up all their chores and tasks before embarking on their scheduled trip. Many of us end up taking our laptops and chores along with the intention of making time between the sightseeing tours and relaxation. But if you have 10-20 hours to spare, why not finish up everything before reaching your destination?

You can work on your pending presentations or streamline the tasks required to finalize the project you’re handling. This way, you won’t have to worry about work or take any work-related calls during your vacation.

5.    Plan your Itinerary

Did you get a chance to map out your itinerary and explore all the places you want to visit? Itinerary mapping is a crucial endeavor for enjoying a well-rounded and unforgettable travel experience. No one likes to arrive at a new destination utterly clueless about where they want to eat and the areas they want to explore.

Use your free time to do some research, watch a few YouTube videos and map out all the experiences and places you want to cover on your trip.

Final Thoughts

Instead of detesting the long hours, shift your perspective and see the long-haul flight as much-needed free time to indulge yourself in the things you enjoy. You can do anything you like, from reading and gaming to tuning into podcasts or knitting a pair of gloves.

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